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Curriculum in Action

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How does the Curriculum look in our day?

MPC implements the Queensland Kindergarten Learning Guidelines (Qklg) which is based on the same principles, practices and outcomes as Belonging, Being, Becoming: The Early Years Learning Framework for Australia

Our view of children underpins our philosophy, and impacts upon our curriculum decision making. Each child is valued as an individual with differing interests, abilities, strengths and needs. The curriculum is supported by current early childhood research which reinforces the importance of a sense of belonging. Children are seen as social learners and play is the most relevant means for learning. In our daily practice, the focus is on children as co-creators of the curriculum, co-owners and co-decision makers. Teachers strike a balance between their ideas and knowledge and those of the children. We encourage children and adults alike to think, act and express their individuality while developing an attitude of respect and caring for other people and the environment. Meaningful play, alongside other opportunities in the everyday routine, allows for such experiences. The significance of the present in children's lives is an integral part of our daily practice. We see everyday teaching as an opportunity to acknowledge the child now. We choose to make time to get to know who the child is, what his/her capabilities and interests are and celebrate these.

A key principle of both the curriculum and framework is the adoption of a holistic approach rather than being subject or content based. An experience which has rich potential for exploring maths concepts may also be valuable for art or physical wellbeing. While children are playing, they may be involved in a range of literate, musical and scientific investigations at the same time. 

Children have opportunities to experience play in the natural environment, increasing their connection to the natural world. Understandings about sustainability and the importance of looking after the earth are increased through this connection. Our vision, everyday practices, reflections, day-to-day operations as well as current and future projects are all viewed through a green lens.

Upcoming Events

  • 29th January: Meet & Greet 7pm and AGM
  • 10th February:  Playgroup 9am - 10.30am
  • 25th February: Family morning at MPC


kindy-provider-CMYK-B1 MPC is a Queensland Government approved Kindergarten Program Provider. Read more.