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Daily Routine

The daily routine is flexible, responsive to the children and varies according to the length of the day, time of the year and current happenings, however each day usually includes the following:

  • Before Kindy Care from 7.30am (if required)
  • On arrival, children are welcomed to their group and may sit together.  This group time provides us with a time to say "hello" to one another, helps to establish a sense of "group", enables us to talk about the day ahead and share ideas.
  • All groups have inside and outside play.
  • Inside Play allows an opportunity for children to develop ideas for their make believe "games" and other play.  These experiences build understanding and relationships, encourage persistence, risk taking and incorporates language and literacy to communicate ideas. The games can remain in place for the following days demonstrating to children that their ideas are valued and allowing them to return to games and pursue them to a satisfying conclusion.
  • Morning tea and Lunch times (supplied by families) are important social experiences for young children. Independence is encouraged in managing food containers and making selections from their lunch boxes.
  • Music provides and encourages children an opportunity to express themselves and encourages singing, movement, imagination and story-telling. Through music children can learn about patterns, rhythm and structure without the complication of language and is usually thoroughly enjoyed by children and teachers alike.
  • Outside Play is particularly enjoyed by the children. Our centre is fortunate to enjoy many large shady trees and well established gardens. We have 2 playgrounds which include grassed areas, large covered sand pits, various climbing fot structures, swing areas, climbing walls, digging patches with water courses and a variety of areas for quiet play or exploration. Children love "visiting" the other playground and children from other units from time to time.  Many children enjoy watching the range of visiting wildlife including many varieties of birds, bees, lizards, frogs, insects and possums.
  • Transitions and Tidying/Packing away are also significant parts of the day.
  • Language/Storytime is a time to share books, and told stories, to listen as a member of a group and to share reflections. 
  • Rest time is a an opportunity for the children to rest their bodies and minds. Quiet music or a story may be read during this time.
  • Afternoon activities (afternoon tea supplied by families, is included in this time for groups finishing after 3.00pm)
  • Parents arrive or children move to After Kindy Care (if required)

Upcoming Events

  • 21st April: Playgroup 9am - 10.30am
  • 25th April: Public Holiday Anzac Day
  • 1st to 11th May:  Book Fair
  • 5th and 19th May:  Playgroup 9am to 10.30am
  • 26th May:  Parent Working Bee 

kindy-provider-CMYK-B1 MPC is a Queensland Government approved Kindergarten Program Provider. Read more.