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What a wonderful community to uncover - children, staff and parents included! We couldn't be more thrilled with the experience Flynn is having this year at MPC. My sometimes reserved little man walked in and hasn't looked back once! The stories and songs he brings home, the friendships he's building, the space he gets to play in and the joy of learning that his teachers are inspiring - just warm my heart. Before and after kindy care and consistent days means he hasn't had to miss out on this great experience. Childcare has been great to our children but kindy has taken it up another notch - which is a reflection of the outstanding commitment and dedication from the staff. Kelly Chapman   (2016, 2017 Parent)

Our family has had the great privilege of being part of the MPC community for the last three years. Our children initially attended long day care, but when our son was identified as having additional needs, his paediatrician recommended that we looked at enrolling him in a kindy.Enrolling him at MPC was the best decision we could have made. Our son thrived in the nurturing and natural environment at MPC, and the organisation of the space and daily routines provided a stable framework in which he could engage and enjoy his kindy experience. The compassion, understanding and support of the teachers and staff made an immeasurable difference to his preparation for school. The teachers provided valuable insights, open and honest feedback and encouragement throughout the year, which gave us additional strategies and tools to support our son at home.Our daughter has now also attended, and she has approached each day at MPC with excitement and enthusiasm. Her teachers have encouraged her to embrace every opportunity to play, create, interact and explore, and this has allowed her to develop into a resilient and independent learner. She is leaving MPC exited and prepared to attend school, which brings me great joy. Thank you for providing our family with many treasured memories of our time here. Carmen Cichowski (2012, 2013 and 2014 parent)

I was initially attracted to MPC because of the extensive natural play spaces and focus on outdoor play.  I have been pleased with the care and dedication the teachers and staff have shown to our daughter's education and wellbeing.  I know she feels that she is a part of the MPC community, and we are only sorry that she can't attend MPC again next year!  Kellie Lush  (2014 parent)

We moved our first daughter from a daycare facility to Mitchelton Preschool Centre for her kindy year, as we feel there is a big difference between "doing" kindy and being a kindy. We plan to do the same for all of our children.
Our eldest child has absolutely thrived and enjoyed her year of kindy and our family feels ready for prep next year.
Our nearly 3yr old is looking forward to starting MPC Three next year. She's been wanting to go since her sister started and now she doesn't have to wait an extra year.  Bec Walsh  (2014 - 2017 parent)

I cannot express how much I value the time my child has spent at Mitchelton Pre-Schooling Centre. He has grown to become a more confident and independent individual and I believe this is a direct result of the approach the Centre, teachers and staff take in providing a play-based curriculum in a creative and caring learning environment. An environment where my child was encouraged to engage, interact and explore. It brings me great joy to hear him express his excitement at attending school next year; and knowing that the experiences he has had at MPC have made him all the more ready for the challenges ahead.  Chris Mahoney (2013, 2014, 2017 parent)  

I thoroughly enjoy being a part of Mitchelton Pre-schooling Centre. I love that my children are valued, listened to and encouraged to express their ideas and plans. I really appreciate the experience and quality of the staff, and the amazing learning environment that they provide. This stimulating environment encourages the children to interact positively and work together to solve problems, while encouraging their independence. My children have gained so much through their experiences at MPC and I believe that this sets them up for a positive start to their life of learning.  - Meredith Waghorn (2010, 2011, 2013, 2014 parent)

 The environment which the teaching staff create for the children is one of possibility and wonderment. It allows them to learn, think creatively, challenge themselves and develop a whole range of skills all whilst they play. - DAVE FOSTER

 We think MPC is a wonderful and inspiring place for the children to begin their "formal education". The focus is always on the children. Everything is turned into a learning experience. It has been great for our family to have spent 5 years here!  - KERRY BRYANT

 I've put together my reasons for choosing to send my children to Mitchelton Preschooling Centre as opposed to keeping them enrolled in a long day daycare environment. With each of my three older children I have removed them from the long day daycare environment to attend MPC in the year before they are to go to school. My eldest daughter continued to go to a daycare centre in conjunction with MPC as I was working fulltime in that year, this provided me with an opportunity to directly compare the two different environments. Below I've listed my specific reasons for having my children attend MPC, but in addition to these points there is a general atmosphere at MPC of calmness, unity, structure and purpose which were absent at the commercially run daycare centre.

  1. Consistency with class composition, teachers and routines. I want my children to develop a strong sense of belonging to a class and to be part of a distinct group or unit with consistent processes, to facilitate the development of strong inter personal relationships and an appreciation for a child's individual role within a group. This is supported by the children taking turns in doing jobs around the class so they develop a strong sense of being an important contributor to the running of the class. Additionally their individual thoughts for activities are encouraged and facilitated. My experience at long day daycare is children come and go at different times throughout the day and each day has a different composition of children and carers, so each day can be very different to another.
  2. MPC provides a more financially viable preschooling experience to long day daycare centres. As a single income family the expense of long day daycare for more then a day a week is prohibitive. The cost of sending my daughter to MPC for 2.5 days a week is cheaper then a single day in a daycare facility.
  3. MPC is a community run centre were fees reflect costs and profits are put back into the centre. Decisions are made in the best interests of the children and the centre as opposed to investors in a daycare centre run as a business for profit.
  4. The curriculum at MPC focuses on each child's individual development not a pre determined desired outcome. Several friends with children at daycare centres have commented on their centres focus in a very structured manner on hand writing skills and letter recognition in preparation for school. There outcomes appear to be achieved in a more organic fashion at MPC.
  5. Teaching staff at MPC are specifically experienced with the preschool age group, and the centre is physically set up for this age group with mud digging patches, flower beds and fairy gardens, vegetable gardens, play equipment that encourages specific physical strengths, quiet areas and reading zones. All these things go together to produce an environment that physically and mentally stimulates and nurtures the preschooler.

My three older children have all loved their year at MPC and recall it with great fondness. Its a treasured part of their growing up and I feel greatly indebted to my neighbour who prompted me to enroll my eldest when we were new to the area. All three children have been blessed with amazing teachers dedicated to ensuring a positive start to their educational journey. I feel very strongly that my children's school readiness and subsequent success can be directly attributed to the centre and its staff.  MIRIAM SCHNEIDER  (2012, 2014 parent)

A midwife, noticing where we lived, recommended we enroll our children at Mitchelton Pre Schooling Centre; before they were even born! Later, a friend also made the same recommendation and we are now extremely grateful for this wonderful advice. Our 3 boys have attended MPC over the past 2 years, and WE now strongly recommend it to friends with young children.

MPC has lovely surrounds and equipment, but by far its greatest strength is the quality of the teaching staff. The level of care, nurturing and teaching is outstanding. This teaching focuses on life skills such as social interactions with other children and adults, problem solving, resilience, respect of others and the environment, and many more of the skills children need to succeed. We have been delighted to watch our boys achieve many of these skills under the guidance of the MPC staff. The communication with, and support of, parents is excellent and the level of care is maintained by the wonderful staff in OK care.

Our children have lovely memories of MPC, and we frequently comment on how lucky we are that they have been able to attend. What a wonderful place MPC is!  - KYLIE PETERSON

"60 Years of Community Spirit"

I am honoured and privileged to contribute to the 60th Anniversary Book of Memories as President of the Management Committee. A review of the 50th Anniversary Book of Memories has left me in awe of the intricate role that the Pre-Schooling Centre has played in the Mitchelton Community over the last six decades.

I cannot help but be amazed at the number of lives touched by the centre, and the positive impact it has not just on the children and their families, but also the larger community.

Personally as a father, I have witnessed first hand the wonderful experience and lifelong memories created through my daughter. Her excited tellings of the 'day at kindy' and demonstration of the latest project is a highlight of my day.

The children have always been the priority at this centre, and this is its greatest strength. The staff and parents are committed to ensuring that the needs of young children are always the focus, and the commitment we see each year to this goal affirms our belief that young children are important, and that advocating on their behalf is our greatest responsibility.

From the early days, the aim of the Centre was to provide quality care and education for children, and this goal certainly remains to this day. This is achievable through the tireless efforts of our amazingly dedicated teachers and support staff. Their love and care for the children is matched by their commitment to learning and the application of best practice teaching methods.

Of course staff don't work alone. Building partnerships with families in order to support the goals and aims of the centre is critical. This has always been an important aspect of life at Mitchelton Pre-Schooling Centre. The involvement of parents and other family members through working bees, financial contributions, spending time with the children during a morning or day, and direct involvement in the decision-making and development of the centre on the Management Committee has been instrumental in ensuring this Centre has retained a strong sense of community pride.

Many individuals and families have injected enormous amounts of time, energy and enthusiasm in building the Centre up to the high standard that has attracted many families, educated many children and created many happy memories.

Like their counterparts before them, parents are still committed to ensuring that special childhood memories are created at Mitchelton Pre-Schooling Centre.

I am positive that with the ongoing contribution by teaching staff, support staff, parents, families and the greater community that the centre will continue to flourish over the next 60 years.  - MATT WILLIAMS (2009 Committee President)

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