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Our Environment

  • We provide and continue to develop rich inviting learning environments, both inside and outside, which foster children’s engagement, interactions, exploration and wonder.
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  • The 3 separate buildings cater for 6 groups of children. Our centre is fortunate to enjoy many large shady trees and well established gardens. We have 2 playgrounds which include grassed areas, large covered sandpits, various climbing fort structures, swing areas, climbing walls, digging patches with watercourses and a variety of areas for quiet play or exploration. Children love "visiting" the other playground and children from other units from time to time. Many children enjoy watching the range of visiting wildlife, including many varieties of birds, lizards, frogs, insects and possums.
  • Click here to take a stroll through our environment ...
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  • Developing children's understandings about the natural environment and sustainability are core tenets of MPC. We have actively sought to increase our understandings about children's play in the natural environment and connections between children's love of nature and desire to look after our world. Parents, children and staff have collaboratively undertaken a variety of projects to enhance gardens, play spaces and sustainability practices.

Upcoming Events

  • 26th August: Playgroup 9am to 10.30am
  • 9th September: Playgroup 9am to 10.30am


kindy-provider-CMYK-B1 MPC is a Queensland Government approved Kindergarten Program Provider. Read more.