Attendance Options

The Centre operates during school terms. Children enjoy the stability of the same group of children and staff members each day, interacting with the children for a full day every day.

Mitchelton Pre-Schooling Centre offers places to our target group, children 3.5 years to 4.5 years (the year prior to children attend Prep in a school-based environment). We also offer a kindergarten group for 22 children who have turned 3 by 31st January.

Kindergarten groups (3.5yrs to Prep):

Unit 1 – 2 days per week (7.5 hrs per day) –  Monday and Tuesday   8.30am to 4.00pm

Unit 1 – 3 days per week (5.5 hrs per day) –  Wed, Thurs and Friday 9.00am to 2.30pm

Unit 2 – 3 days per week (6 hrs per day) –  Mon, Tues and Wed     8.45am to 2.45pm

Unit 2 – 2 days per week (7.5 hrs per day) –  Thursday and Friday    8.30am to 4.00pm

Unit 3 – 3 days per week (5.5 hrs per day) –     Mon, Tues and Wed     9.00am to 2.30pm

Kindy program for 3 year olds (children who have turned 3 by 31st January):

MPC 3’s – 2 days per week (5.5 hrs per day) –  Thursday and Friday    8.45am to 2.15pm

Before and After Kindy Care:

In 2021 B & A Care will operate every day during term time from 7.00am to 9.00am and 2.15pm to 5.30pm

Enroling Your Child

Children may be enrolled at our centre from birth. It is highly recommended that you enrol your child as soon as convenient to have the greatest choice of group options.

MPC offers kindergarten places to 110 children and 22 places to 3 year olds (turning 3 by 31st January in year of attendance).

The names on the waiting list are kept in chronological order on receipt of applications together with a non-refundable $15.00 fee. All enrolment offers are made strictly in accordance with the waiting list and the number of vacancies available. MPC does not have a sibling policy.

Waiting list forms can be submitted online using link below:

Please note that a separate form must be submitted, and fee paid, for both programs (MPC 3’s and Kindy).

You are also most welcome to drop into our Kindy on a Monday, Wednesday or Friday between 9.30am and 12pm and we will happily show you around our centre!

Before and After Kindy Care

Before and After Kindy Care has been established to meet the needs of our community in providing extended hours of care. The Before and After Kindy Care program is available to all children attending our centre and aims to provide a relaxed, caring environment before and/or after their day program.

Parents who have used this service in the past have appreciated the high level of interaction the children receive in this safe environment. Another benefit for some children has been the opportunity to practice social skills within smaller groups.

Hours of operation:

Every morning: 7:00am to 9:00am
Every afternoon: 2:30pm to 5:30pm (2.15pm on Thursday and Fridays)



Saturday morning playgroup at MPC in 2021.

Our facilitated playgroup for 0 to 5 year old children, runs every fortnight during school terms from 9.00am to 10.30am.

Cost:  $10.00 per session per family. Payable on the morning by Cash or Card.

Families do not have to have children enrolled at MPC to attend our playgroup. Come along and enjoy our playgroup amongst our natural outdoor play spaces!

2021 Playgroup Dates:

Saturday 6th and 20th February 2021

Saturday 6th and 20th March 2021

If you would like to register your interest, please email the office admin@mpc.net.au to obtain a current enrolment form, or use the links below to register online.

Playgroup information

Playgroup Family Registration Form Online


2021 Fees Schedule

Kindy program attendance fees per term:

3 days per week program $ 917.00 per term  (5.5 hr day)

3 days per week program $1000.00 per term  (6 hr day)

2 days per week program $ 834.00 per term  (7.5 hr day)

MPC 3’s 2 days per week program $ 948.00 per term  (5.5 hr day)

Before and After Kindy Care Fees are:

Casual Use: $11.00 for first hour or part thereof, then charged in 1/2 hr increments
Permanent Sessions:  $ 8.25 for first hour or part thereof, then charged in 1/2 hr increments (no refunds for sick days/non attendance on Permanent bookings)

QKFS Plus Kindy Support

Subsidies are available to families who meet one of the criteria below:-

  • have a current Australian Government Health Care Card (HCC), in the parent’s or child’s name
  • have a current Australian Government Pensioner Concession Card, or
  • have a Department of Veterans’ Affairs Gold Card or White Card
  • children identifying as being Aboriginal, Torres Strait Islander or South Sea Islander
  • Whilst cards remain current a subsidy is paid to MPC leaving low or no cost kindergarten fees at our centre.


Parent Handbook

You may access a copy of our current Handbook using the link below.

2021 Parent Information Handbook

School Holidays

As we are not open during school holidays we understand that it can be a challenge for working parents. Care for Kids provides some great ideas and options for care for preschoolers (scroll half way down the page).

In previous years a number of parents have come together to share care with other parents. It’s a great option to help share responsibilities and the children generally entertain each other!


We hope this link will provide some options for the school holidays.


The growth in the year that our daughter was at MPC was amazing. MPC really fosters a culture of caring and personal development in the children. 2018 Parent (Survey response)

Our son has loved his year at MPC. The teachers are fantastic and the premises just wonderful. It has been great preparation for school. 2018 Parent (Survey response)

My son has thrived being at MPC, he gets excited on his kindy mornings and tells me about his day with such enthusiasm. The bush park adventures have been his favourite! Amazing staff, I feel so grateful for the energy they put into the children and keeping the parents feeling involved. 2018 Parent (Survey response)

It has been the best experience in my life and my children. The care, and support I have been given has helped me get through some very tough times. Thankful for such a beautiful group of people, including admin staff. 2018 Parent (Survey response)

MPC is absolutely amazing and we are so fortunate to have been able to send our two boys here. The teachers go above and beyond to create an incredible play based curriculum that allows children to develop at their own pace while having a lot of fun in the process. In a world where childhood is fast disappearing MPC has created a little corner of Mitchelton where children can be themselves, make great friends and explore the world through an endless array of activities and free play. We can’t thank MPC enough! 2018 Parent (Survey response)

MPC has been a wonderful experience for us and after speaking with many other families attending other Kindergartens I cannot stress enough how valuable, personal and inviting everyone has been. We travelled quite a distance to MPC and I would absolutely do it again without hesitation. 2018 Parent (Survey response)

MPC is an early learning environment second to none. My children have thrived and been supported, nurtured, and challenged in all areas of development. I highly recommend. 2018 Parent (Survey response)

This year has been so transformative for my daughter. She’s been so supported, inspired and encouraged. Thank you.  2017 Parent (Survey response)

At MPC I love the focus on the outdoors and looking after the environment. I was really drawn to the wonderful, extensive (and shady) outside play spaces that encourage all manner of imaginative and hands-on play. My little guy never wants to leave!  2017 Parent (Survey response)

Our son Kaden has attended unit one for two years running.  We love that he loves Kindy. The reason he loves it is obviously because he gets to play and investigate all day long but It is more than just play.  Behind the scenes his teachers are planning learning experiences that capture the children’s interests and allow them embrace the experience of being a child while developing an understanding of how the world works.  We like that there is predictable structure with room for child directed learning experiences because it gives the kids ownership over their learning with adult support.  We couldn’t be more happy with the time Kaden has spent at MPC.  It is the best investment we have ever made.   Claire Joseph, 2016-2017

My children are very different and both have had an exceptional experience at MPC. I was recommended the centre by a friend and feel so blessed to have found such a great foundation for the schooling years. I can’t fault a thing and would highly recommend this place to any family looking for valuable Pre-Schooling education.  2017 Parent (Survey response)

MPC has created an outstanding kindergarten experience for our son, the experience, quality and passion of the teaching  and support staff, and genuine interest in his individual development has made a hugely significant impact on his independence, creative self expression and social confidence. Thank You MPC !   2017 Parent (Survey response)

My son attended the MPC 3 year old program this year. Not having attended day care previously, he was not initially keen to be separated from me. The teachers and all of the MPC staff were so positive and caring in their manner to support him to be part of MPC that his reluctance transformed into confidence. Overall, he has had a wonderful year, he is proud to be a MPC3 kid and is looking forward to being one of the big kindy kids next year. He often asks during the week if it is a kindy day, and is often disappointed when it is not.  2017 Parent (Survey response)

What a wonderful community to uncover – children, staff and parents included! We couldn’t be more thrilled with the experience Flynn is having this year at MPC. My sometimes reserved little man walked in and hasn’t looked back once! The stories and songs he brings home, the friendships he’s building, the space he gets to play in and the joy of learning that his teachers are inspiring – just warm my heart. Before and after kindy care and consistent days means he hasn’t had to miss out on this great experience. Childcare has been great to our children but kindy has taken it up another notch – which is a reflection of the outstanding commitment and dedication from the staff. Kelly Chapman   (2016, 2017 Parent)