Meet the Staff

All MPC teaching staff hold specialist early childhood qualifications. MPC benefits greatly from the staff’s depth of experience and professional expertise in early childhood education. They are committed and dedicated to the children and families who are part of our centre each year and strive to enact the philosophy in their daily practice. Ongoing professional development, learning and reflection are promoted and valued.

Additional needs assistants are employed from time to time to support children as required.

Newer staff members are learning from old hands, that this is a place for staff members to look for possibilities and opportunities rather than constraints.

Unit 1 Teachers

Leanne Hunter

2 day group

has a Bachelor of Teaching (Early Childhood) and has worked as a teacher at MPC since 1992. In 2017 Leanne was presented with Honourary Life Membership of MPC for her years and dedicated service to MPC. For the past 17 years she has also held the role of Co-Director and for the past 5 years as Director. Leanne also teaches 2 days per week.

Vanessa Griffiths

2 day group

has a Diploma in Child Care and Education and has worked with young children for over 13 years. Vanessa has been working as a relief assistant at MPC and in 2018 joins the Unit 1 teaching team in the 3 day group.Vanessa has 2 school age children and has been a parent at MPC herself.

Shirley Slater

3 day group

has been our Unit 1 teacher since 2012. She holds a Bachelor of Education (EC) and now works 3 days per week at MPC. Shirley loves gardening and shares this love with the children creating vege and flower patches during the year.

Jo Ward

3 day group

has a Diploma of EC and commenced working as a Special Needs Assistant in 2016. In 2017 she joined our B & A Care staff team working several mornings and afternoons per week. In 2019 Jo joined our permanent staff team as Assistant in Unit 1. Jo has 3 young sons who all attended MPC and are now in Primary and High School.

Unit 2 Teachers

Louise Wood

3 day group

has been a teacher at MPC for over 13 years and holds a Bachelor of Education EC. She loves working with young children and developing strong bonds with the children and their families. Louise’s 2 sons also came to MPC and when the opportunity for a job came up, she said “I want to work at MPC” and has been here ever since.

Janette Draper

3 day group

has commenced a permanent position as Assistant in the Unit 2, 3 Day group in 2019. Janette has been working at MPC for the past 5 years in various roles, as relief teacher and assistant and in various support roles. Janette is a qualified Early Childhood teacher. Janette’s 3 children have all attended MPC.

Anna Dutney

2 day group

has a Bachelor of Education (EC) and commenced with MPC in 2016. Anna has quickly become a highly valued member of our staff team. and has 2 young children who have also have attended MPC.

Sue Helsdon

2 day group

has been working for over 27 years at MPC. Sue has worked alongside many teachers during this time and is a valuable member of our staff team. Sue is now a very proud grandmother and spends her holidays visiting her in Falls Creek.

Unit 3 Teachers

Kim Yarnton

3 day group

commenced as an Assistant in 2010. When Kim returned to MPC after the birth of her daughter she had completed her Bachelor of Education (EC) and was appointed to the role of teacher in 2013. Kim began teaching the MPC 3’s group in 2015 when it commenced and now teaches 3 days in Unit 3.

Nicole Luk

3 day group

commenced in Term 4, 2020 as the Assistant Teacher in our 3 day group. Nicole has a Grad Dip in Education (Early Years) and is a registered teacher. She is keen to extend her knowledge and practice in a community kindergarten.

Hayley Swain

MPC 3's 2 day group

has a Bachelor of Teaching and a Grad Dip in Education. Hayley started at MPC as our After Hours Co-Ordinator in 2004 and continued in this role until she took on the position as Assistant in 2009. In 2018 Hayley is excited to be taking on a new position as Teacher of the MPC 3’s group. Hayley’s 2 sons also attended MPC.

Jordy Zimmer

MPC 3's 2 day group

is joining MPC in 2019 as Assistant Teacher in our MPC 3’s Group. Jordy worked at MPC in 2018 in relief roles as both Teacher and Assistant when required. Jordy has a Bachelor of Early Childhood and a Bachelor of Education and we are very happy to have her join our staff team. Jordy has 2 young daughters who are both in primary school.

B & A Staff

Shari Vos

has a Bachelor of EC and is our B & A Care Supervisor on Monday and Tuesday afternoons. Shari has had a long association with MPC in a variety of roles over the past 10 years and we welcome her back this year in our B & A Care staff team.

Hayley Swain

has a Bachelor of Teaching and a Grad Dip in Education. Hayley is our MPC 3’s teacher and on Thursday and Friday afternoons she continues on in B & A Care as our Supervisor for the afternoon.

Pam Infanti

has a Diploma in CS and has been a valuable member of our B & A Care staff team for the past 3 years. Pam works most mornings and is also working as a support person in Unit 3 this year.d.

Emma- Claire Neale

has a Cert III in CS and has commenced working in our B&A Care program in 2021. We welcome her to our MPC staff team.

B & A Staff

Yvonne Matthews

Yvonne has been involved with MPC for many years as both her daughters attended here and has since been employed in various supporting roles over the years. Yvonne has a Diploma of ECEC and usually works at B & A Care on Wednesdays.

Tahni Walsh

has been working at MPC since late 2019 and early in 2021 she obtained her Certificate III in ECEC. Tahni has quickly become a valued and enthusiastic member of our B & A Care staff team and in 2021 is also working as a Support Assistant in Unit 2 on Mondays to Wednesdays.

Kim Hughes

has a Certificate III in CS. For over 12 years Kim was cleaner of MPC and did a great job. From 2018 she has hung up her mop and broom and works in the Before and After Care program.

Administration Team

Chris Nicoll and Sue Huby

together form our MPC Admin team. Chris initially volunteered her time as Treasurer when her eldest son commenced at MPC in 1993 and has not left since! Employed as the first Admin Assistant of MPC in 1995 the position has grown over the years from a few hours per week to 3 to 4 days per week. Chris has a Diploma in Accounting and is a Commissioner for Declarations. Sue Huby commenced as an Admin Assistant in 2013 and enjoys her time in the office assisting families at the front counter and performing a variety of Admin tasks behind the scenes. Sue has 2 school age children who also attended MPC.