Mitchelton Pre-Schooling Centre Resources


2023 Parent Information Handbook

MPC:  Play at Mitchelton Pre-Schooling Centre

MPC: Code of Conduct

MPC Risk Assessments Statement

Reconciliation Action Plan

Technology Statement


Curriculum and Learning Frameworks

Early Years Learning Framework

Queensland Kindergarten Learning Guideline

Qklg Outcomes Summary

Australian Children’s Education & Care Quality Association

Education and Care Services National Regulations

National Immunisation Program Schedule Queensland

Time out poster – Issued by Department of Health

Parenting support Short articles on a range of parenting topics.

Free Positive Parenting Course

Kids Matter: Where to go for help

Support Services in Mitchelton

Child and family protection information

Family and Child Connect provides information to people seeking assistance for children and families with concerns about their well-being

National Association for Prevention of Child Abuse and Neglect

Domestic Violence crisis support

Dads in Distress Lists places to ring for information and reporting



Starting Blocks: Your first step into early childhood education & care Website by Australian Children’s Education & Care Quality Authority (ACECQA)

Early Childhood Australia: Parent resources useful information for parents covering a wide range of topics

Great start: everyday ideas for learning Lots of ideas and activities to help parents make the most of everyday learning

Inspired EC click on the Blog link – designed to inspire teachers and parents of children in the Early Years

Out and About

Local Parks

Mitchelton Library

Queensland Art Gallery

Gallery of Modern Art

Support Services for Children

Finding a Speech Pathologist

Finding an Occupational Therapist

Food, Nutrition and Physical Activity 

Natural Environments and Sustainability

Nature Play Qld

Assessing Risk

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