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Why Play! Where's the Learning?

What do we, as teachers, learn about children by watching and playing alongside them? How do teachers use children’s involvement in play to build their social skills, resilience, literacy, numeracy, persistence, thinking, problem solving…? At MPC our focus each and every day is to build children’s development through play that is significant to their interests.  While enabling children to create and recreate real world play scenarios we see how children interact with each other and make sense of their world.  Through play, children are involved in negotiating, planning, problem solving and learning to take risks as their ideas come to life. Children are developing fine and gross motor skills whilst making props and organising their play spaces.  Each decision they make helps them to practise conversational and assertive skills, building oral language, literacy and mathematical understandings as well as self–esteem. Taking an active role in their learning also offers opportunities to understand that conflict, failure and disappointment are part of life. Working through these issues with support, sets them on their journey for life-long learning.

At MPC, we encourage parents to understand the benefits of play by being involved in our daily program as well as taking part in our annual play night held in May. Parents can take part in play scenarios and see where and how the learning takes place.

Read on in this article to find out more about Play at Mitchelton Pre-Schooling Centre.

Why Play! Where's the Learning?

Dentist at work 3.3 Unit 1 3 days Inside play
Unit 2 3 2017 Unit 2 3 Pilots in the plane

Upcoming Events

  • 26th August: Playgroup 9am to 10.30am
  • 9th September: Playgroup 9am to 10.30am


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