Resilience is a choice.

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March 13, 2020
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April 3, 2020

When this passed my inbox this morning, I found it a powerful reminder that we do have choices as to how we respond to everything. Not to add extra pressure to myself… I know I am going to stuff up however my hope is that I learn and make adjustment.
Resilience is such a tricky thing and we are certainly being tested at the moment. There is a constant head battle about what is the appropriate thing to do. Am I doing all I can? Am I going over the top? Is this decision based on fear rather than reality? What’s reality today may not be tomorrow!
Uncertainties are growing. Our sense of control is depleting. The list of unknowns is enormous. How we respond is the only thing in our control. Sometimes children ask us a question when we are feeling vulnerable and we might not respond the way we would at a different time. We may kick ourselves when we make a poor comment however we can also acknowledge both the poor comment, the way we feel and how we take a breath, calm down and try again.
Embrace mistakes as learning opportunities. Turn a problem into an opportunity for re-framing and thinking creatively. Look for the smallest positive. Appreciate what we have. Acknowledge feelings, different perspectives and ways of solving problems. ‘Catch’ moments of compassion.
There’s lots we can’t control in keeping everyone safe however we can choose to focus on what we can do. In current times this revolves around washing hands, elbow coughs and keeping a ‘wing’ distance from each other.
There’s lots of restrictions about where to go and possibilities seem to be reducing, however taking advantage of our beautiful weather and the great outdoors is still available. There’s nothing like playing and relaxing in nature to top up the resilience tank.